Tuesday, September 04, 2007

these are a few of my favorite blogs

- danah boyd: the forefront thinker of social in social networking
- steve jurvetson's photos: young vc, rocket man, photographer, hmb luvr
- mr. biggs' photos of wilson and elliot: art teacher and animation father, watching his kids grow up through his lens. i discovered his photos on the flickr blog last summer, in my small brooklyn heights pad.
- niniane: she's funny.
- chenliw: he's funny, too. banker ^ cs nerd
- googtube: gotta have it.
- bret taylor: ex-googler, lead pm on google maps&local. please post more often.
- google alerts: not blogs, but so so useful
- techcrunch, engadget, core77, d.school (d.school, pls post more often, too)
- and all sorts of startup blogs