Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Martin Eberhard Leaves Tesla Motors

A month after our iinnovate interview with Martin, big news comes out that Martin is leaving Tesla after big grumbles with senior management. See his response on the Tesla forum (3rd down). His frankness shows that 1) there's a lot of drama beneath the niceties of senior management, 2) a cutting edge auto business is very hard to run (my colleague, after our interview, remarked, "imagine the burn rate!"), and 3) founders are often shafted due to communication and management issues. This is probably a rift often seen between engineering and biz. A problem evident from works like C.P. Snow's The Two Cultures.

After Martin's talk at Stanford, I've become a champion. I totally admire his entrepreneurial and engineering mindset, and his drive for the big idea.. this is the real deal, esp. after watching gross hype like this.

I can only imagine a bright and promising start for Martin's next big idea. From his talks, I can tell he's an engineer at heart. You need executers for a business, sure, but engineering -- that's where it all starts. This is a big loss for Tesla.

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