Friday, October 26, 2007

iGoogle vs. Gmail (and I guess Facebook)

Reading an article about why Google didn't win the minor hand in Facebook sparked a thought. The columnist Evelyn states that Google has an interest in making iGoogle a similar platform to Facebook. That's a great idea, and I would love to know the user count for iGoogle and Gmail (haha, wouldn't we all) because I use Gmail to iGoogle on a 365:2 ratio. I use Gmail and Facebook synchronously albeit separately.. so why not make e-mail social networking? They are the same thing, communication. So annoying that I have to click onto "X sent you a message on Facebook" and follow links (that's kinda evil..). Cumulatively, do you know how many hours have collected which I could have been doing something more productive via click reduction? Forced stickiness induces inefficiency, but obviously efficiency isn't Facebook's goal.

I think I've discovered Facebook's new secret: better e-mail.

And btw, what's getting old? Social networks not hinged on behavior-changing technology. icandy is not going to do it, no duh.


Michael said...

I disagree. Social networking != communication. If that were so, then we wouldn't make any distinction between Web 1.0 and 2.0: the former is about communication (electrons over copper making meaning) and the latter is about social networking, or more accurately, social emergence.

Social networks depend on communication; they have to. But that doesn't mean they're only communication.

Min Liu said...

i think i predicted this right :)

asdfasdf said...

I think I broke my ability to post comments by signing up for Blogger. Yup.

Taking lessons from Nostradamus?