Monday, December 25, 2006

John Mayer wrote Daughters in the shower?

I found out about this from his profile on has been impressing me. iTunes democratized music (now conservatively), but this is a new kind of release, of creating a social experience. Probably one of the more hurtful aspects of iTunes is its limiting of the music community. I didn't like that listening quota for people in your community (and lol, iTunes once told me my "iPod was too old" -- serious!).. but what makes work? 1. Collaborative filtering.. "love this song" ::click:: "this song has been loved".. how sweet is that. And I know that the more songs I listen to, the more tailored the music.. and 2. enabling technology. I'm always discovering new music.. from my "recently loved" list, I've "discovered" Frou Frou's Maddening Shroud and Guster's Homecoming King... would've been hard if I were trying to do it myself.

Really liked this person's testimony of John Mayer:

... I must admit that I'm another John Mayer convert. Back when I was in high school, I was convinced that I would contract a venereal disease if I ever had to hear "Your Body is a Wonderland" one more god damned time. Flash forward to my early college years when I saw Mr. Mayer do that funny little bit on "Chappelle's Show" about how white people gravitate toward music with electric guitars. As he laid some licks down for the sketch, I thought to myself: "Wow. This guy actually has chops." A few weeks ago, I decided to give him a chance by listening to this album through my school's intranet, in which we can share iTunes playlists. I was floored. He's undergone a great metamorphosis. He's got blues sensibility akin to Eric Clapton (whom he acknowledges in the liner notes) and he's retained genuinely good songwriting capabilities as well. The lyrics on "Belief" and "Stop This Train" are perfectly written. Like others, I'm very glad that he's making great music that's not necessarily intended for the teenie-bopper demographic. I look forward to his future releases.

I stay true to John Mayer's music :)

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