Thursday, December 28, 2006

Google year-end Zeitgeist and my own list

What I found amusing from google's year-end zeitgeist...

Who is... #4. Who is hot
> If can answer this one, I think Google officially passes the Turing Test

How to... #8. How to blog
> Ohh!

Define... #1. define promiscuous
> Who said pop songs can't educate?

Define... #2. define web 2.0
> I'm still trying

Where is... #2. where is matt?
> Yes, where is matt?

2006 Tickets - US... 3. the fray tickets
> Someone get me a pair of those!

.. and my personal list..

Startups to track
1. Yelp
2. Loopt
3. VSee
4. Admob
5. CafePress

Companies ready for (or already on) a comeback:
1. Cisco (Is that a Virtuous Cycle I see?)
2. Microsoft
3. Yahoo! (check out the Peanut Butter Manifesto)
4. Kodak

Wall Street darling: and the SaaS model

Most interesting in my Google Reader (a bit redundant here)
1. Bob Sutton's blog
2. Diego Rodriguez's blog
3. Flickr Blog
4. Barefoot Coffee Roasters' daily (or sporadic) grind

Most influential -- academic

Biggest surprise
1. Timbuk2
2. Wal-Mart's sustainability initiative

Most interested in reading: Made To Stick

Most expensive: opportunity cost

Best quotation: "Fail often, fail early" (props to's Clicks and Bricks)

Cutest baby: Colin (my high school English teacher's son)

Best mass-market tool that I was a sucker for: Canon Rebel XT

Most influential: Perry Klebahn


Betsy said...

You've had particularly high opportunity costs this year, but what you've gained will be worth far more than what you gave up, I think.

Also, on Google's list, I was surprised that four of the top ten "define" queries were in Spanish? Is there a strong Spanish-language usage, or was this kids wanting help with Spanish homework? (E.g. "Define ensayo.")

Betsy said...

Also, on the Peanut Butter Manifesto: I can't believe he could be so intolerant of peanut butter!

True, the natural tendency of PB is to lie flat on the bread, as he complains, but he did hint at the fact that it could be sculpted into something better. It takes hard work and creativity to transform the ordinary, but Yahoo's done it before and can do it again. (Sorry, I was channeling Jack Johnson for a moment there.)

Min Liu said...

I was surprised that four of the top ten "define" queries were in Spanish

great and interesting observation, and i notice that yahoo's capturing the spanish community with

mm.. peanut butter (and jelly)! so wonderful. i guess he does peanut butter just plain vanilla.

Jeff said...

You're going to have to explain Timbuk2 to me someday. I've owned their bag as long as I've been racing a bike (8 years or so). Did they become popular all of a sudden? I do see a lot more Timbuk2 bags these days.