Sunday, December 24, 2006

exploration in photos

A personal renaissance started in Summer 2005 in NYC and it's been going on strong since. I went back to New York in Summer 2006 and explorations took me into various pockets while searching for the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Here is the last batch (I think...):

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tiffany glass vases. I could camp in the Met. A gazillion years of art... a gazillion things to stare at forever.

Billy's Bakery.. a lovely little place on 9th and 21st that got rave reviews for their cupcakes. Their secret? The frosting. NY Mag does great reviews on places like this.

Flowers in Central Park.. props to ChenLi for the photo idea.

I have way too many pictures of Junior's cheesecakes...

And the top places for hot chocolate in New York. Make sure to go with an empty stomach...
1. The City Bakery: NY Mag review. Simply the thickest chocolate you'll ever find.. say yes to the large homemade marshmallow.
2. Jacque Torres Chocolate Haven: the cup i got... this place is a great find, and the chocolate smoothness is fantastic.
3. Manon Cafe, inside Leonida's at Hanover.
4. Financier (on Stone Street, a few stores over from Leonidas).

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